I just completed our upgrade from the old Change Guardian modules to CG

In the past, we used CG for Windows v2.0.5 to monitor file shares,
directories and critical files for all user activity (file read/write,
create/delete files, rename/move files, etc.). The issue today is that
the File System monitoring piece in CGW 4.01 does not work on file
shares like the old v2.0.5 did. I have confirmed this as I still have
our old 2.0.5 environment running in parallel with 4.01 and can see
event data from our shares that are not reflected in the new version.
Granted 4.01 does have a module for file shares, but it only monitors if
a share is created/deleted, modified or permissions are changed, and the
data I am looking for is not covered by those. The CG documentation does
not include anything on CGW so I am unsure if I am missing something or
if this functionality has been dropped in the newest version.

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