NetIQ is pleased to announce the availability of NetIQ Change
GuardianTM version 4.1 for all customers worldwide on April
9, 2014.

NetIQ Change GuardianTM is a privileged-user
activity and change-monitoring solution that helps IT security
professionals detect and respond to potential threats in real time
through intelligent alerting of unauthorized access and changes to
critical files, systems and applications. The alerts contain enriched
security information with the detail necessary to identify threats and
record change-specifics such as who performed the action, what action
was performed, when the action was taken, and where the action was
taken. They also indicate whether or not the action was authorized, and
include before and-after details of the change. The information is
presented simply and clearly, eliminating the need for expertise in
various event types and dramatically reducing the time and complexity of
auditing or responding to suspicious activity.

The improvements in Change Guardian version 4.1 help security teams to
rapidly identify and respond to potential threats and compliance gaps
across a broader set of IT platforms.

- Reduced cost of ownership

- Improved flexibility and usability of policy definition and
- Detailed auditing of policy lifecycle and assignment to address
audit requests
- Simplified user access management through LDAP authentication
- Expanded health and status monitoring to quickly identity and
address issues

- Expanded coverage and packaged knowledge

- Expanded Active Directory monitoring coverage including the
ability to monitor any selected field
- Expanded Windows file integrity monitoring (FIM) to include
ability to demonstrate to auditors that the FIM controls are
effective and that the changes made during a service outage will be
- Monitoring support for Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 8 R2
- Out of the box content for Active Directory configuration, schema,
forests sites and services

To learn more, please contact 'NetIQ Technical Support'
( More information about NetIQ Change Guardian
version 4.1 is available here:

- Review the 'Change Guardian 4.1 product page'
( on
- Download 'Change Guardian 4.1 trial' (
- 'Upgrade Change Guardian 4.1'
( from a
previous release

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