NetIQ is pleased to announce the availability of NetIQ Security Agent
for UNIX 7.4 for all customers worldwide as of April 11, 2014.

*Product Information*

Securing and monitoring the configuration of your UNIX and Linux
environment can be expensive and time-consuming due to the numbers of
platform variants rolled out in typical enterprise environments.
Especially when you and your staff face tight budgets and escalating
security threats:

- Deficits in staff knowledge concerning UNIX and Linux security and
system expertise
- Managing various operating systems including Red Hat, AIX, HP-UX,
Solaris, and SUSE Linux
- Controlling access to privileged commands and sensitive resources
- Intrusion detection and response systems to handle both real and
potential security breaches

The NetIQ Security Agent for UNIX helps you effectively address these
challenges by enabling rich data capture and analytics for your UNIX and
Linux environments in a consistent way across the NetIQ Security
portfolio of products:

- NetIQ Change Guardian
- NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager
- NetIQ Security Manager (limited support in this version)
- NetIQ Sentinel

*NetIQ Delivers Faster, Simpler Identification of Threats from
Privileged Users*

Improvements in NetIQ Security Agent for UNIX 7.4 help security teams to
rapidly identify and respond to potential threats and compliance gaps
across a broader set of IT platforms.


- This release of the UNIX Security agent integrates UNIX and Linux
monitoring directly to your Sentinel environment. For information
about how to install the UNIX agent for a Sentinel environment, see
the Sentinel UNIX Agent Installation and Configuration Guide on the
'NetIQ Documentation page'
- This release of the UNIX Security agent deprecates support for
Security Manager. For more information, see the release notes on the
'Security Manager Documentation page'


- The UNIX agent no longer reports an Unable to obtain disk space
error when you attempt to apply a patch to IBM AIX computers that use
Workload Partitioning (WPAR). ENG323237
- Improved UNIX Agent Managers performance when handling a large
number of hosts. ENG329423
- Fixed an issue where UNIX Agent Manager would not start properly on
some machines with FIPS enabled.
- Users can now control the default agent upgrade behavior in UNIX
Agent Manager with custom silent configurations.
- Various improvements to Active Directory and LDAP behavior in UNIX
Agent Manager.

*More Information and Downloads*

To learn more, please contact 'NetIQ Technical Support'
( For more information about the NetIQ Security
Agent for UNIX 7.4 installation and upgrade, see the release notes and
user guides on the documentation pages for its associated products:

- 'Change Guardian Documentation'
( (UNIX Agent
information is in the Change Guardian User Guide.)
- 'Sentinel Documentation'
- 'Secure Configuration Manager Documentation'
- 'Security Manager Documentation'
( (limited

The download locations are slightly different for Sentinel, Change
Guardian, and Secure Configuration Manager, but its the same software
package no matter how you find it.

- 'Direct link to the download page'
- To find it yourself:

- Go to Product Upgrades from the 'Secure Configuration Manager
technical support site' (
- Search for Sentinel or Change Guardian on the 'NetIQ Download site
' (
- Search for Sentinel or Change Guardian on the 'NetIQ Patch Finder
site' (

Note: The web site updates regarding certified platforms are still in
progress. Please refer to the documentation in the meantime.

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