I'm playing around with Cloud Manager 2.1.5. I've done a successful
install and have a SUSE XEN host I want to discover. It has the agent on
it and if I manually add it, it's fine. However, following the manual
(note the second step ) I find that I should run a XEN discover job
using the xenDiscovery policy as documented in 4.4 The Xen Provisioning

Contains the policy settings for the xen provisioning adapter.
By default, the optimal values are configured for the job and joblets in
the policy.
Contains the settings required to discover the Xen host machines. It
also contains the default installation path of the Xen server.
If the Xen server is not installed in the default path, edit this policy
to provide the correct information.
Contains the constraints used to check whether the Xen host is
registered to the Orchestration Server, and the host is up and running.
Do not edit the policy.

I can find both the xen and xenPA, but no xenDiscovery.

Has it been missed, or has the doco changed?

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