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Still playing with the trial software. Cloud Manager 3.1.5. I have cloud
services setup and running and a test machine as a virtual host. I have
two working and cloud manager controlled VM on a SLES platform. I now
want to play with block storage and LVM. We use LVM and storage
snapshots for all our virtual infrastructure. I added a disk to the test
machine and created a LVM group with a couple of partitions. When I try
and discover the virtual disks I get the following error. (See below)

There would appear to be an error in the script. The partitions are 20GB
in size, being reported at 20480.00m which is correct, but 'm' is not a
float number, so the scripts fails.

I think this is a bug. If so, any ideas how I can fix to continue on
with my trial?

Provisioning job started for discovery of disks in repository 'xensys'
discoverDisks_event requested by 'system' to discover disks in repository 'xensys'.
Scheduling Joblet for repository: [u'xensys']
[cloudtest] Mode: discover
[cloudtest] discover_mode: disks
[cloudtest] exec (lvs -v --separator , --units m)
[cloudtest] cvsreader.data= {'Min': '-1', 'Copy%': '', 'KMaj': '253', 'Maj': '-1', 'Snap%': '', 'KMin': '0', 'LV UUID': '1pv1SV-lt9J-Afv5-AmOO-KdSO-ZygU-QC2DWC', 'Attr': '-wi-a-', '#Seg': '1', 'Origin': '', 'LV': 'xen-1_root', 'Move': '', 'Log': '', 'LSize': '20480.00m', 'VG': 'XENSYS', 'Convert': ''}
[cloudtest] cvsreader.data= {'Min': '-1', 'Copy%': '', 'KMaj': '253', 'Maj': '-1', 'Snap%': '', 'KMin': '1', 'LV UUID': 'kmr06n-9my7-n6W3-XVws-GzIv-Qu6V-PmzJIZ', 'Attr': '-wi-a-', '#Seg': '1', 'Origin': '', 'LV': 'xen-2_root', 'Move': '', 'Log': '', 'LSize': '20480.00m', 'VG': 'XENSYS', 'Convert': ''}
[cloudtest] cvsreader.data= {'Min': '-1', 'Copy%': '', 'KMaj': '253', 'Maj': '-1', 'Snap%': '', 'KMin': '2', 'LV UUID': 'Mx2YZZ-suzL-9h6X-V6KC-egVz-vioF-Nsu4Hn', 'Attr': '-wi-a-', '#Seg': '1', 'Origin': '', 'LV': 'xen-3_root', 'Move': '', 'Log': '', 'LSize': '20480.00m', 'VG': 'XENSYS', 'Convert': ''}
[cloudtest] Traceback (most recent call last):
[cloudtest] File "xen.jdl", line 5318, in joblet_started_event
[cloudtest] File "xen.jdl", line 5321, in handle_joblet
[cloudtest] File "xen.jdl", line 5545, in handle_joblet_mode
[cloudtest] File "__pyclasspath__/lvm/discover.py", line 123, in discoverLogicalVolumes
[cloudtest] File "__pyclasspath__/lvm/discover.py", line 258, in formLogicalVolumeFacts
[cloudtest] *ValueError: invalid literal for __float__: 20480.00m*
Job 'system.xen.180' terminated because of failure. Reason: ValueError: invalid literal for __float__: 20480.00m

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