Hi team

I'm busy with a trial of DRA 8.6 and having a weird issue with DCOM
errors. I have a DC running Server 2008 R2 and the Admin server is
running on Server 2008 R2 as well.

I've installed the Admin server including web components on the DRA
server with no issues. The web console is working 100% . However I can't
get the MMC console, running on a Windows 7 machine to communicate with
the Admin server. It tells me that dratstsrv is not a Admin server and I
get a DCOM error 10006 on the client.

I've tried turning the firewall off on both ends and I've verified that
the user account is in the DCOM user group on the server.

All of these machines are running as VM under Hyper-V on Windows 8.

Does anyone have any ideas or pointer?

Thanks in advance.

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