At the moment, we have DRA insalled in our own company domain. We'd like
to actually manage a customers domain with it too. I've added the
customer's domain into the managed domains. I've set it to connect to a
specific domain controller on the domain (which is the PDC, the
firewalls dont allow connecting to all of the customers domain
controllers at the moment).

If I looks at the properties of the customer domain, the general tab
DNS Name: Customer.local
Name (Pre-Windows 200): customerlocal
Domain type: Windows Server 2003 domain
Status: ok
Connect to a domain controller: \\PDC

It seems I can create and manage users just fine, reset passwords, add
users to groups. But the memeber of table is empty. Also, if I check the
Incremental Accounts Cache
unspecified error
Time of last successfull sync: (this morning)
Time of last attempt: (half an hour ago)

Possible reason for my troubles could be the DNS and that some of the
customer netword segments are not accessible.
If I use our own domain controller as the DNS, then I could use the Host
file for name resolution for the customer domain? Also, if I set the
customer's PDC as the DNS server, it sometimes returns one of the
customer domain controllers that we cannot reach because of the
firewalls. So I suppose host file will be the way to go?
at the moment I've added the following lines to the host file:
10.x.x.x customer.local dc3.customer.local
10.x.x.x dc4.customer.local

I'm just getting confused here, since it seems to work, and not work at
the same time. Any ideas? I suppose someone must have set this is in a
multiforest enviroment.
And yes, I'm totally new to DRA

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