I'd ask this in the OES11 forum but don't have access, so I apologize if
this is the wrong place.

When at Brainshare this past October I recall that something was
mentioned in relation to OES11 that eDirectory will become case
sensitive and that the recommendation going forward was to create new
objects in all lower case. Unfortunately I can't remember if it was
OES11 in general or one of the upcoming features that I wanted to
implement when it becomes available(does anyone know what the case is?),
but this brings me to a question/issue.

For over the last decade my tree was created using all uppercase naming
for most everything. When OES11 becomes available will there be a tool
that will help script bulk changes to change all of my necessary objects
from all uppercase to all lowercase as is recommended? Will this also
affect objects in my GroupWise system, if there is something?

I'm asking because as I add staff or change names between now and
whenever OES11 gets deployed in my organization, I am entering names as
all lowercase. New users aren't much trouble, but I've found that when
I change a user's name if they get married/divorced that I need to
manually change both the eDir user object and the GroupWise user object
separately. I'm just trying to figure out if I need to slowly start
changing things now or if there will be a mass operation option at a
later date. Thanks!

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