Question: Is there a way to enable caching for the LDAP server on an OES
Linux box? I have seen references to dib caching for eDirectory, would
that also affect LDAP?

Reason I ask is that we have some servers that are at sites with VERY
slow and unreliable network connections. We have recently migrated all
of our Netware servers to OES2sp2a and I am finding some issues.

If a site goes down for a long period, DHCP, SAMBA and other services
might stop working. My guess is that they are looking for something in
the tree that is not present in the local replica. We did have this
problem with Netware as well, but in Netware it would only arise after
days not hours like it is now.

The reason I am looking at Caching is that I found that if I enabled
"cache-only" in the /etc/nam.conf many of the issues went away for most
of the sites, but the worst sites are still effected. I am guessing
that while NAM is caching user info, there might be other LDAP
information needed.


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