I am trying to create a disaster recovery procedure and restore vital
systems for my organization and I'm having trouble trying to back up and
restore eDir for my recovery environment. My office is small and all of
my servers are in house. What I am trying to do is take a virtual
machine that has a R/W replica of eDir and copy it to a NAS device that
I will then connect to my DR server, make it the Master replica, and
then continue to rebuild my NDS servers/services. I want to use this VM
because it is relatively small unlike the file storage server that
currently holds my Master replica.

When I get into my DR VM environment I try to run ndsrepair -P from the
terminal with the intent of changing the local R/W into a Master. I see
the line referencing the Instance at /.../nds.conf and my server name,
followed by "Unable to connect to NDS Server. NDS server may be down."

This puts a bit of a roadblock in my way for my DR plans. My alternate
plan right now is to move my Master replica to this server and create
another VM backup to go through the process, but with all of the trouble
that I've had so far I'm not holding my breath that this will work.
Additionally, I do not have DNS or DHCP services up yet in my DR
environment if that makes a difference in resolving this issue.

Any suggestions as to what a good path would be to create this recovery
environment for eDir? Thanks!

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