If I need to create a custom attribute and have it encrypted with eDir
8.8.6 on OES2 SP3 Linux, is there a Novell document somewhere that
mentions what encryption method they use? (ie: SHA-1, AES-256, etc.)?

Apparently the feds are asking us for this information, so I need
something in hardcopy to give them and a forum post won't cut it,

AND if the data is encrypted is there any sort of LDAP calls (this may
need to go in the dev forums) that will allow for encrypting/decrypting?
(ie, the encryption/decryption happens on the server, not the client

My reading of TID #7000006 seems to indicate "no" to the latter
(although in that case, is there no method to use to COMPARE the

ie: attribute XYZ has an encrypted value of: turkey

I type: "turkey" into a web-based app, making an LDAP call to eDir to
get back a "yes, that's right" or "no, that's not" response.

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