have you tried TID 7002659 (or TIDs 3908200, 10082137)? Especially TID
7002659 at the end:
12 -618 error in synchronization caused by Object with Obituary

(1) Found obituary for: EID: 0001471c, DN:
Value CTS : 04-26-2011 16:37:08 R = 0002 E = 0061
Value MTS = 06-15-2011 11:37:36 R = 0003 E = 001b, Type = 0002
Flags = 0004

MoveObit: destID = 00013af7, Could not read Name

The "Could not read Name" indicates that the new location for the object
no longer is in the database and thus the link is bad (-618)

fix: ndsrepair -J 0001471c -Ad -SW "Obituary"
It should repair the single object (-J) EIDoftheObject .. in advanced
mode (-Ad) and check the referrals of the Obituary attribute(-SW "Obituary")
This may be a problem on more than one replica server so check each
server for this issue.

Also maybe more info about versions of edirectory and Netware/oes and
the synx status of the servers for other helpers who might come in.


Burkhard Wiegand

Netware Admin
D-56068 Koblenz