On Thu, 28 Jun 2012 16:06:01 +0000, rhairyes wrote:

> I have created an attribute that I'd like to keep hidden from the prying
> eyes of the anonymous user. I've attached this optional attribute to
> the user class (since it deals with the user).

It would have been better to create your own auxiliary class, and make
this new attribute an optional attribute of the new class. Then you add
the class to the object, and the attribute value. Anyway...

> Users who have access to
> the system are okay to see this data but not unauthenticated users.

The default ACLs should be handling this already.

> did not select the public read option when creating the attribute.
> However, I do a simple ldap search I can see the value set. Is there a
> way to block access to this variable without completely removing public
> trustee from the container?

Why is [Public] a trustee of the container? What rights does it have?

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