I'm trying to install eDir 8.8 SP7 on four RHEL 6 servers -- two in
'Tree1' and two in 'Tree2'. The 'Tree1' servers installed fine, but
installation failed on both of the 'Tree2' servers with "schema
extension failed for
/opt/novell/eDirectory/lib64/nds-schema/nsimpm.sch". The ndsd.log says
"DHModuleInit_dsi: Returning -641. Modules dsi is not loaded."

The systems are configured as identically as I can get them. The only
difference I can think of is that Tree1 already has two 8.8 SP7 servers
in it. They were upgraded in place from 8.8SP6. Tree2 does not have
any 8.8 SP7 servers.

Should I do an in-place upgrade of one of the Tree2 servers before