On 16/08/2012 00:36, jlewter wrote:

> Can you run tempoarily 8.7 on the netware box, and install 8.8 on the
> sles 11 servers. The netware boxes are going to go away shortly after
> migrating groupwise and getting the replica server up. That is what I
> thought that support pack 8 for Netware only bring it to latest version
> of 8.7 not 8.8.

It depends on the version of eDirectory installed on a NetWare 6.5 as to
what it will have after installing SP8 as SP8 includes two versions, and 8.8.4.

See http://wiki.novell.com/index.php/Nw6...ersions_in_SP8
for an explanation.

Whichever version of eDirectory you end up with after applying SP8 there
are post-SP8 eDirectory patches you should install - see the beginning
of http://wiki.novell.com/index.php/Nw6...st_SP8_Patches for those.

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