Good Day,

I am hoping someone can offer some suggestions. We have been
attempting to upgrade some OES2 servers to OES11. The first one has
given us quite a bit of trouble. We needed to migrate file services,
and iPrint. We ran through several steps of the process, brought up the
new server, but e-directory and ldap wouldn't start, nor would
novell-ipsmd or the i-print services. We brought the old server back
online, and were able to access the files and printers, however in
re-attempting the migration, I can't add any new servers to e-directory.
When I run ndsrepair -E, it shows one of the replicas with -761 Remote.
At this point I am not able to add or remove any replicas to and from
servers, or add any servers to the tree. Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.


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