On 2012-07-05 14:56:02 +0000, iammi said:

> Hello,
> In Active Directory if we set "Group.member" attribute for a given
> group then "User.groupMembership" is automatically updated wich make
> life easy
> Thant's not the case with eDirectory as far as I know, actually I have
> to set "Group.member" on the group and "User.groupMembership" on the
> user, wich doesn't ease scripting around eDirectory
> is there any reliable mean to automate relatioship between
> "Group.member" & "Group.member" (reliable as the groups can have 27000
> members in my case) ?
> Regards

We have run into the need for this on occasion.

Perhpas a little background on groups for eDirectory would help.

We also have created a tool that might help.


Thank You for your help!

Jim Willeke