I have two questions about which I'm hoping to get help:

My first question is regarding the meanings/differences of the columns
in iMonitor/Partition Synchronization (sync) Status. There are three
columns entitled "Last Successful Sync", "Maximum Ring Delta", and
"Replica's Perishable Data Delta".

I have a partition that has, for its values in those columns, 13:27,
52:41, and 13:25 respectively. (This particular partition is an IDM
Driver Set partition where there are few changes - I know those times
are large, but I've seen similar time relationships in other partitions
where data changes more-frequently.) For instance, on another partition
(for the same values, in that order), I see 8:41, 1:34, and 1:31,

Looking at the values of the first partition, one would think that the
Perishable Data (the last of the three time values) would be closely
tied to the Last Successful Sync, assuming that "Perishable Data" is
data that hasn't fully synced around the ring yet.) On most of the
partitions, this is the case - those values are very close. However,
look at the second partition - the Perishable Data is only 1 minute, 31
seconds. But the last successful sync is 8 minutes and 41 seconds ago.

I can think of a reason this may happen - that the new data (or
changes) in this case are only 1:31 old and have yet to sync around.
However, the changes in this partition are fast-sync type of
changes...having them sit for 1:31 isn't likely. From what I've seen
it's not a case of being stuck in skulker hell, and the servers are not
constrained or resource-starved at all.

Which brings me to my second question - if there's better documentation
that would explain this (and other things for iMonitor) than what's in
the eDirectory documentation, if there's a secret link to it, I'd be
most-grateful if someone would point me in that direction.

Thanks Everyone!

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