I'm trying to work through an issue that I'm very shaky about
technically. We have a web filter that is able to connect to eDirectory
via LDAP to keep track of logon events. It does this so that people can
be authenticated in the web filter and the logging reflects their
eDirectory credentials. That all works fine.

We have just installed a wireless network. There is a "guest" SSID that
presents a captive portal. You have to supply your eDirectory
credentials to get access. That is handled by a radius server which
works fine. The part that doesn't work is when you authenticate against
the radius server using the wireless network, the web filter doesn't
show any authentication records.

I can't get much information from the web filter provider(Barracuda)
about how it actually tracks login events in eDirectory. Would anyone
here have any idea or be able to venture a guess about how this works
and maybe how radius authentication acts differently compared to the
Novell Client?

Thank you,


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