Hello every one!

I have a look at the descrition of edir's R/W replica,like the
Read/Write Replica

-The Read/Write replica is a writable replica type used to initiate
object changes. The Read/Write replica also performs object operations,
such as:

Adding new objects to the eDirectory tree

Removing, renaming, or relocating existing objects in the eDirectory

Authenticating objects to the eDirectory tree

Adding new object attributes to the eDirectory tree

Modifying or removing existing object attribute

The Read/Write replica is also a readable replica type used to read
information about all objects in a partition's boundaries. Additionally,
like the Master replica, the Read/Write replica can provide bindery

The Read/Write replica provides eDirectory tree fault tolerance. If the
Master replica is destroyed or damaged, a Read/Write replica can be
promoted to become the new Master replica.-

Does it mean that if I have a environment of two replicas (a master and
a R/W ),I can shut down the master one and the R/W replica will still
work well??
With this I did some test:
OS: SLES 11 sp1 32
EDIR: eDirectory 8.8.6 32bit
iManager 2.7
Quikly I builded them by ndsconfig command. Surppose the master is
server A and B is the R/W replica.
My test result is that when I shut down the A (by /etc/init.d/ndsd
stop), I can still access server B through
nds-http(http://ipaddress:8028/),but failed authentication through
iManager or any other client(such as ldap browser),It's return some
messages like "the object could not be found in the context"...

My aim is to build a fault-tolerance by add muti R/W replicas.
Help need from you ~~~

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