I have 4 servers all replica holders (no other servers). Something
spawned off a complete re-sync (over 4 million objects, 25 GB dib). The
objects have not been timestamped aside from the revision attribute.
The only two things that has happened that I can think off are:

IDM driver set was moved to another server.

Network address could have changed on the server because of binding
order may have changed but I don't think so. (we have a seperate network
for backups).

I've finally got replica sync up to date after 3 days. The server would
start an outbound sync and due to traffic, I think there may have been
some small packet drops and the receiving servers would never recover
unless ds was restarted. I pretty much had to disable sync on a couple
of them to let them sync up two at a time.

Any clues? I don't want to run into this again. Very painful.

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