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    imc NNTP User

    Uid Missing


    We're implementing a wireless network at one of our schools. Joining a
    particular wireless ssid produces a captive portal. To authenticate,
    the user has to supply their edirectory username/password. Some users
    worked, some didn't. Turns out I have a bunch of older user accounts
    that don't have the uid attribute filled in. I'm guessing some past
    iteration edirectory didn't have that attribute in the schema. Newer
    accounts have the uid attribute filled.

    We can add it using console one by going to the other tab and adding the
    uid. Is there any downside or potential problems by manually filling in
    the attribute?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Uid Missing

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    The UID attribute has been auto-created to match the CN value since
    ConsoleOne shipped... however long ago that was. nwadmin did NOT do it,
    so your users are probably as old as nwadmin; also, if you created users
    outside of ConsoleOne/iManager (such as via LDAP) your own manual
    creations may have omitted the attribute.

    Downsides? No... probably all upsides. Generally speaking I'd
    recommend making sure the values are all lower-case since most things
    which use them (like LUM, or RADIUS, etc.) will want users in
    lower-case, though some systems now ignore case because of user training
    issues there (LUM/namcd can ignore case now, for example).

    Good luck.
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