Howdy folks,

I am using eDirectory to potentially replace an existing LDAP service.
As part of this service I need to work around a limitation with the
o<>organization attribute mapping. The eDirectory base schema caps the
length of "o" to 64 characters and this can't be modified upwards via
LDIF or any of the usual admin tools, as I expected. Next idea was to
create an attribute and add it to the organization class. This worked
fine, until I re-map LDAP o to eDir myLongerVersionOfO. As soon as I do
that the LDAP interface completely dies, as obviously I've messed up the
naming context for the top level organization in the tree and basically
cut off everything underneath it when accessed via LDAP. I hoped that if
I did a class map as well as an attribute map it might work, mapping the
class when dealing with o=myorg but the attribute when dealing with
uniqueIdentifier=customOrg/o, but that doesn't work either; still breaks
the tree from o=myorg down.

So... my questions are:

1. Is there really no way I can extend the base schema to increase the
length of o to 128 characters? Trimming not an option.
2. If not, how can I map a custom attribute in eDir to the LDAP o
without breaking the tree at org level in LDAP view?

Any pearls of wisdom much appreciated. If it helps I'd describe myself
as an advanced user of both Linux and eDirectory so difficult solutions
aren't an issue providing they work.

Alex T

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