Okay, as stated in earlier posts, I am no expert with edir, although I
can do some advanced tasks, however, I Still do not understand
subordinate reference...I have a server that I'm worried about right
now, they are doing construction next door to its server room, and we
have been having power issues. I think the server is at risk, as a
result, I want to remove all of the replicas from it...it has 30
replicas on it right now...I clicked on the server, and in its container
in Edirctory, and proedded to do a test delete of one of the replicas
off this server..I removewd one of the smaller replicas from this
server...I immedatly ended up with a SR object to that
replica....Obviously it is referecing something else....Sooo..my
question is now what...When I right click on this replica, I notice this
is the sic replica creted..Master obvious holds my first and master
replica of the one I deleted...Then the other ones are read/write, Since
master will of course stay on the master, should I have starting at
replica number 2 (The first read/write, should I have been deleteing
them down this way? starting at number two?

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