One my server is OES11 SP1. All updates installed. Server contains the
R/W replica. At this server DNS/DHCP work at it while without any
problems. I found out that this server
periodically for a long time disappears from the Bindery-servers list on
In the course of studying of a problem it became clear that a problem in
background processes scheduler in eDir. At iMonitor I see (Agent
Activity/ Background Process Schedule ) strange huge numbers,including
RNRAdvertise :

Background Processes
Process State Schedule

CheckBacklinks Waiting 12:38:09
Janitor Waiting
Limber (Connectivity Check) Waiting 2:38:01
ObitProc Waiting
PartitionPurgeProcess Waiting 0:08:04

Predicate Statistics Update Waiting 1193046:06:26

RNRAdvertise Waiting 0:38:01
RefreshBinderyContext Waiting 1193046:16:17
Repair Inactive Replicas Waiting 54:50:21
SchemaProc Waiting 3:38:17
SkulkerProc (Outbound Replication) Waiting 1193046:27:24
Update Login Attributes Waiting 1193046:22:21

In eDir tree there are OES2SP3 and Netware servers. On them this problem
isn't present. Parameters from ndsconfig get on OES2 SP3 and the same
OES11 SP1.
It would be desirable to eliminate this small problem.

Dmitry E. Rovkin

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