After a user's password expires, we have recently been experiencing a
problem where the remaining grace logins eventually ends up being a
negative number. The "biggest" we have seen so far is -16, but more
commonly we see -2, etc. This has happened to a significant number of

An associated problem is that the remaining grace logins sometimes drops
by several increments all at once, without any obvious cause.

Any idea what might be going on?

The primary version of eDirectory we are running is v8.8 SP7, 20703.00.
A few servers are also running v8.8 SP6, 20608.00, and we have a few
instances of eDirectory running on old NetWare servers, v8.8 SP5,
20506.07. The site which is most frequently experiencing the problem is
running v8.8 SP7 on an OES 11 SP1 server.

Rick P

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