NDS iMonitor, Agent Health. Agent is listed as good.
Partition/Replica is listed as marginal. If I drill down, the
Readable Replica Count is Marginal 5 and Subordinates found is
marginal 2. Anything to be concerned about? And if so what steps do
I take?

Small network - one partition.
* Three OES 11 servers at 8.8.7 Patch2 (20703.00) - one of these is
the master.
* One OES 11 server is at 8.8.6 Patch 5 (20606.01) - soon to be
* One Netware 6.5 server is still at 8.7.3 SP10 FTF2 (10554.64) - to
be phased out or replaced later this year.