I have a SLES10/OES2 server on which I recently started having a problem
with iManager. When I log in it says that I have Assigned Access rather
than Collection Owner as I used to have. I also have no roles or tasks.
When going to Configure > Role Based Services > RBS Configuration I get
the message "(Error -618) The server has detected an inconsistent
database. Usually this means that the number of entries in a container
does not match the number stored in the container's entry." The same is
true when I connect to the server with iManager Workstation. Our other
network admin -does -get Collection Owner access on the server. Also, I
am usually (but not always) able to get normal Collection Owner access
when I connect to our Netware servers. I have seen situations similar
to this mentioned before, but I can't find anything that really seems to

The SLES server is running iManager 2.7.6 with DS 20608.00. I have run
an eDir health check on the server and couldn't find any problems. If
your suggestions involve iMonitor please be specific as I have had
essentially no cause to use it over the years. Thank you for any

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