On eDirectory I'm doing a ICE DELIM export at the Linux server
console via ICE. Since it's a whole bunch of attributes, I'm using a
comma-delimited file to specify which I need. Everything is working
perfectly, except at least 3 of the fields (we're exporting 25+) are
duplicated, with the 2nd entry blank - CN, givenName, and mail. I know
CN in particular can be multi-valued but when I export via Apache DS to
a file I don't get the same behavior.

cn|cn|displayName|uscLegalGivenName|givenName|give nName|sn|uscLegalSurname|mail|mail|title|uscIdenti tyType|ou|costCenter|costCenterDescription|l|emplo yeeStatus|loginDisabled|manager|uscManagerGivennam e|uscManagerSurname|uscDirectorGivenName|uscDirect orSurname|uscHRRegion|physicalDeliveryOfficeName|p ostalCode|st|street|loginExpirationTime

Any thoughts?

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