Good day,

I have a question about the setting needed to allow a user to change
(and maintain) a different log in sequence?

Currently we are seeing that some users (currently we believe admin
level users ) are able to change their log in sequence under the
advanced tab, and are able to log on with either the default log on
sequence, Enhanced Smart Card, NDS, etc,.

However; some users enter their user name in the client property field,
however; when they attempt to change the log on sequence: (in this case
to Enhanced Smart Card) it reverts back to <Default> in the Sequence
(which is user name and password)

Just need to know if there is an User Attribute that needs to be
changed, or what might be causing this issue?

Thank you,

(P.S.) If this needs to be in the Novell Client Forum I can move this to
that location.

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