Getting ready to move my eDirectory from Netware servers to Linux
servers, but I'm debating whether to go with OES or just plain SLES.
It's a small tree that only operates on a single LAN (K-12 school
campus), so I generally haven't partitioned it out, just left it as the
default single partition. The new master server will be a virtual
machine (VMWare) and won't be doing anything but eDirectory. Then I
plan to setup two other servers (physical for now, may virtualize later)
to house read/write replicas of eDirectory to complete the ring.
They'll also be doing DNS, DHCP, LDAP, NTP, SLP, and maybe a few other
basic services, but nothing particularly heavy. The master server I'm
planning to do as OES, but for the two secondary servers, I'm debating
whether to do the full OES or just load eDirectory on plain SLES. Part
of the reason I'm debating is I've run my DNS, DHCP, and NTP on plain
vanilla SLES for several years and am used to managing it through YaST
rather than the Novell tools. So I guess I'm trying to figure out what
benefits, if any, are gained from doing eDirectory on OES versus
eDirectory on SLES. Or, to look at it the other way, what features do I
lose/break by going SLES instead of OES. I appeciate any advice from
those who've gone there before.

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