Hi all,

We're being plagued by a bug which fills up our ndsd.log and makes it
grow really large. I presume that people working with idm 4.01 and java
1.6 have the same issues...
We're preparing to update the systems, but in the meanwhile, we need to
rotate the log, which didn't go well last night.

Following the knowledgebase
(http://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7005454 , which has now
disappeared) article, I tried to do the same on RH 6.3. This does
however only partly work, because ndsd and lcache keep a grip on the old
log file and keeps filling it, while it is deleted. Jolly!

So I guess ab was right in his answer in post
https://forums.netiq.com/archive/index.php/t-44434.html , that kilall
-HUP ndsd is not really working the way it should.

The question is, has anyone (since the post dates back to 2010) find
another solution for the logrotate issue? Or are there alternatives
besides monitoring the log size and restarting the processes manually?

Kind regards,

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