Good day, we are transitioning our eDir from OES to SLES and now our
handy CommVault backup agents no longer work since SMS is not available
to us. I know this subject has possibly been answered a thousand times
but I have some specific questions that I haven't found answers to. If
it has already been covered, I would happily accept a link as answer.
Otherwise, I'm sure someone here can answer these. As you can doubtless
tell, all my questions assume a disaster-recovery scenario.

1. I'm taking dsbk and ndsbackup backups of each server. Is this
necessary? Am I correct in assuming that dsbk is for cases where
restoring server identity would be necessary, while ndsbackup is for
object-level restore? Are these methods any better than shutting down
ndsd and performing a file-system backup?

2. Is NICI backup necessary on a regular backup rotation or just once
every so often (when a CA root cert changes? etc?) Is there anything
special about the restore beyond file copy?

3. Is restore of the CA necessary to restore eDirectory/NICI/etc?

4. Are there any particular strategies that are best suited when
eDirectory exists primarily to service and Identity Manager 4

5. What would the workflow be in a disaster recovery scenario? For
example if a datacenter was lost, would you build a vanilla eDir server
configured with the same tree name then restore from one of the above

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