we are about to virtualize all our servers to VMWare ESX.

Our servers are mostly SLES10/11 and two Netware 6.5 servers. All are
eDir-Replicas, i.e. Replica-Ring (one master of course). There is also
Groupwise 8 and some other services from Novell, like DNS, DHCP,
Webaccess and such things.

For the SLES-Servers I can simply use the VMware converter, isn't it?
For the Netware-Servers I think I will use Portlock.

Besides from that, is there anywhere a technical guide for doing that?
Or at least, what should I consider? I read some posts here, and it is
recommended to move the master to another machine before converting and
moving it back to the vm.
Anything else I should take care about?

Thank you.


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