Hi All,

I'm facing an unusual issue in a few of our environments using
ndsbackup. We use a custom written backup script which invokes ice for
ldif, edirutil for a full backup and ndsbackup for object backups. We're
not looking at changing this for the moment.

On a few environments, ndsbackup is not working and not providing an
error message when running as our generic user "idm". Running the
ndsbackup command as root does work however.

When using the generic idm user, it appears we don't get as far as
connecting to the directory. On a prompt for password, we can enter
anything, and not be alerted regarding incorrect credentials etc. No
error message is returned.

Using strace and outputting the results, I can see the process checking
for /var/opt/novell/nici/xxxxx folder, where the "xxxxx" corresponds to
the IDM uid. This folder doesn't exist however, where on the servers
where the idm user can backup using ndsbackup, this folder does exist. I
have read the nicimud process is supposed to create the uid folder for
the idm user, but i'm not sure how this is supposed to happen.

Any ideas on how I can get the uid folder created, any other ideas, or
if more information is required, let me know.


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