I have an "Identity Vault" where there are four "new" servers (eDir 8.8
SP8 v20801.42) and two "old" servers (eDir 8.8 SP6 v20604.10). All
replicas have been removed from the two old servers and all the new
servers have replicas of all partitions. This tree currently contains a
little over 702,500 objects, mostly users. Both of the old servers did
once host Identity Manager, but haven't in well over a year.

My problem: I am preparing to deconfigure the two old servers, but I
found backlink entries from nearly every object in the tree to both of
the old servers. When I deconfigure each of those two servers, eDir is
going to have to remove all those backlink entries, which I believe will
cause performance issues (changing 700,000+ objects all at once).

My question: Can I safely remove those backlink entries (using LDAP)
before I deconfigure those two old servers?

Related question: Does eDir 8.8.6+ use ObitUsedBy, usedBy, or backLink
attributes for anything at all now? Can I safely delete all values of
each of these attributes (again, using LDAP)?

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