I have a Tree of about 150,000 users that is composed of 6 RedHat
servers running edir 8.8. They are running in a Load Balanced pool
behind an F5 for LDAP. I need to create another Load Balanced pool
temporarily for about 3 months.

I am a bit worried about taking 3 servers out of the current pool and
re-ip them to another Pool. So my first question is:
1. Is re-ip eDirectory under Linux simply changing the nds.conf file ip
addresses? What about the default certificates?

A second option I had thought of is creating 4 new servers in the Tree
and placing those in the new Pool. And then in about 3 months when
people are migrated to the new pool, delete 4 other servers. My concern
on this is adding 4 new replicas to an already large 6 replica
partition. Will my sync times suddenly skyrocket? etc.

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