I have a very strange situation.

Got a server (SLES10 SP?) that I believe had two instances of eDir
(8.8.5) running, so I made sure all was shut down and then removed the
..pid file.
Started eDir with /etc/init.d/ndsd start and it reported ok.

The other server, we got a two server tree, didnít see it so I did an
ndsrepair -E and the server claimed the database was locked.
Did an ndsrepair -R and got an error back that the Disk was full or file
is missing (-168) followed by an recommendation to try repair again or
remove the server and reinstall it.

Had a discussion on how to proceed andjust before starting the procedure
to remove the server the other server reports back that all is synced
and no errors.

Right now, the server works, can handle logins replica synchronization
etc but ndsrepair still claims that the local database is closed.

I really would like to upgrade tho eDir 8.8.8 but it seems risky with
this condition.

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