Good day,

I'm trying to check why two users are failing to show as LUM enabled
users (id user name) shows no such user. Unlike other accounts that are
which display

id user name

uid=xxx (user name) gid=xxx(xx_group) groups=xxx (xx_group)

I have suggested to the customer to try to run the namdiagtool however
each time we run it, we have tried several different variables also) we
get the same error as below

Error: ldap init failed !

the main option I was suggesting was

namdiagtool -Q -r -u user name

it asks for the adminFDN
then admin password xxxxx

Error: ldap init failed !

eDirectory version is

customer is a mixture of 8.8.6 and 8.8.7

This has only been seen recently on these two users being LUM enabled.

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