Hi , one of my customer had come to me with a request...

He states that he would like to extend the schema on our eDirectory tree
and add one more attribute. I was able to extend the schema by creating
an attribute under auxillary object class.

the new attribute formed after schema extension should have a 16 digit
octet string.
he wants that to be set up in such a way that value of it should be
unique for all the users else if there is any unique octet string value
generated for the user , the same needs to be copied as the value of new

I have found one attribute GUID which is an octet string and is unique
for all the users.
This is getting automatically generated once the user is created in

Now how do i clone this value to the new attribute value.or
Is there any other alternate to generate another unique valued attribute
other then GUID when an user is created.

please help..

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