Accidentally posted in the UNIX forum and couldn't figure out how to
move it here.

Anyone have a good way to pull change cache without iMonitor involved.

example of current line
NDSCC=`curl --connect-timeout $CURL_TO -s -k -u$username:$password
AME"|grep Count|awk '{print $4}'|cut -d "<" -f1`

to bad there isnt a ndstrace -c "cachecache" just like ndstrace -c

from time to time iMonitor will hang until restart with eDirectory and temp hang in edirectory 8.8.8 causing false alerts when
trying to monitor the CC to ensure someone doesnt do nasty huge updates
that throw the environment into a tail spin. We run this every minute to
keep on top of things and see this alot in a huge environment.

I did however notice that the new 8.8.8 imonitor will give you change
cache count in the root object in imonitor.....but i am in a mixed setup
at the moment and would rather get away from using imonitor anyway as
much as possible.

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