This is an area I have never needed to touch before so I would like some
guidance before I start.

Migration from NW6.5 to OES11. I now have four servers, 2 new OES11 and
two old NW6.5. There are two partitions with R/W replicas on all 4
servers. One of the NW 6.5 servers is the master.
Everything is synced and happy.

I want to make one of the OES11 servers the master.

I believe that I can use either -
ndsrepair on the OES11 server that I want to be the new master and
use the -P switch for Partition operations - pick a partition and then
5. Designate this server as the new master replica
iManager - select the OES server change the replica type to master.

Which is best or preferred?

Then I have two partitions -

Does it matter which I do first?


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