Good day,

My customer notified me yesterday that they were experiencing an issue
when attempting to add a user to a LUM enabled group. This is something
that has happened once last month also, two users were being LUM
enabled, and neither user had their attributes populated correctly for
LUM. In the end we needed to contact NTS for assistance, a DUMP was done
on those users, and their attributes were cleaned up forcibly.

Now with the customer attempting this once again, and seeing a similar
issue occurring they have asked what if anything can be done, short of
having to contact NTS again (which is something that will most likely be
done), to "back" out of the LUM process, and try again after some
troubleshooting has been performed? I have pointed them to TID 7002981,, which seems to have
a great deal of information, but if anyone has any other suggestions I'm
all ears.

Thank you,


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