Good day,

A couple days back we had an issue on one of our eDirectory servers, in
the ndsd.log it was reporting

Also when running new versions of eDirectory, we might see the following
messages in ndsd.log file (on Linux) or dstrace/ndstrace screen:
The current transaction ID is 0xXXXXXXXX. Run local database repair with
rebuild database option enabled
Transaction ID has exceeded the allowed limit of 0xFFFFE000. Run local
database repair

We ran the repair with the following options:

ndsrepair -R -i no -t no -r no -v no -c no

At first we also recieved errors stating that the repair could not be
completed since eDirectory was not running. However; when attempting to
start "ndsd" again this time the server came up, and started processing

Is there a method to find what the Transaction limit actually is, as we
would like to inspect other servers that were built around that same
time frame?

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