We upgraded to 8.8 SP8 Patch 1 last Saturday (Feb 8), and since then
have been getting inconsistent results for searches to find groups a
person is a member of -- queries like

ldapsearch -x -LLL -h host.umich.edu -b ou=Groups,dc=umich,dc=edu
"(member=uid=username,ou=people,dc=umich,dc=ed u)" dn

We have 4 servers behind DNS Round Robin which are affected. Some
servers return all non-private groups the user is a member of, and some
servers return no results. There is no consistent behavior per server
for different username searches, other than getting the same results for
a user on a specific server (if a server returns results for a user, it
always returns results for that user, but might not return results for a
different user).

We have an SR open, but I was curious whether anyone else is seeing
similar problems, especially in light of Patch 1 supposedly fixing this
particular problem: "Dynamic Group evaluation is sometimes returning not
all members or none at all (Bug 854376\850841\834288)" The groups
showing problems are not necessarily dynamic groups, but because the
searches are scoped to Groups, all group types -- static, dynamic, and
nested -- are being searched.

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