I am having a problem.

In one of my environments i have a lot of servers authenticating against
edir with PAM. This was running fine on eDir 8.6.2. Last week we did an
upgrade of eDir to 8.8.8. The environment ran fine for some time but
today it suddenly completely crashed. The whole environment was down
because the servers could not authenticate anymore. Also we could not
login to the eDirectory servers anymore only than start them in single
user mode and use the local account. After some testing i was able to
bring the LDAP interfaces back online, but PAM auth was still broken. I
could do an LDAP bind to a port, but auth would fail without any
specific errors...

Given the impact i've reverted back to the old eDir servers and the
environment is back online again. Question i have now is: is there a
known problem with eDir 8.8.8 and PAM ? I did not encounter this
behaviour in my other environments.
btw, i've spotted patch but there was not mentioning of a PAM
fix in there.

Any input on this?

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