Hi everyone,

I am maintaining some custom schema for a couple of eDir 8.8
installations. The schema version is contained in each objectclass's
description field.
This works fine when the schema is removed and then added (over LDAP).

However, when I _modify_ the classes the description is not changed,
even for classes that have some attribute changes.
So when my 1.3-to-1.4 update LDIF looks like this:

# egCompany (effective class)
dn: cn=schema
changetype: modify
delete: objectClasses
objectClasses: ( egcompany-oid NAME 'egCompany' )
add: objectClasses
objectClasses: ( egcompany-oid NAME 'egCompany' SUP Top STRUCTURAL MUST
( CN ) MAY ( egAccount $ egStatus ) X-NDS_NAMING ( 'cn' ) DESC 'Schema
version: 1.4' )

The description for egCompany is not updated to read 'Schema version: 1.4'.
Is the description for a class a write-once field or something, or am I
looking at a slight bug?

i d f o c u s
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