I am not sure where to post this thread, here or on the IDM forum.

I need to store student programme data in an eDirectory vault.
Programme/groups will not do, because for each programme there is
student-specific data (e.g. actual pass date, award gained, stage code
etc.). An auxiliary class for the programme data will not do because a
student may be on more than one programme.

The options would seem to be a) separate programme objects associated
with each student, or b) structured multi-valued attribute holding all
the student data for a programme, for example, a student could have the
auxiliary attribute progHistory with the following values:
indicating programme PROG1, pass grade A, gained on 7th Jan 2013,
completed AND programme PROG2, pass grade B, gained on 7th Jan 2013,

There are however, about 12 attributes per student per programme (not
just 3).

We may also need to store module information for each programme! But
again the choice seems to be between module objects and a structure
multi-valued attribute (moduleHist).

The structured attributes would make life easier as far as storing the
data, but LDAP searches would be more complex looking and we probably
could not take advantage of the fact that some fields are dates. On the
other hand, new object classes would make searching easier but would
increase the number of objects - there could be at least one programme
object per student, and probably 8 modules per programme per year! That
is a lot of objects.

We will also need to be able to sync this information via IDM to 3
database tables, 1 containing students, another containing 1 row for
each student/programme, and one for each student/programme/module.

I know this is a bit complicated, but does anyone have any experience of
this kind of thing and any recommendations? Anything insight would be


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