If it matters...
OES servers running eDirectory 8.8.7
Netware servers running eDirectory 8.8.5

I'm trying to do an ldap_search from PHP to check for the
networkAddress attribute. Using an ldap browser, I can see a user
with a networkAddress of 39 23 00 00 C0 A8 01 88.

The following line works as expected and returns all users:
ldap_search($ldap,"o=msktd", "networkAddress=*",$nds_stuff);

This one logs an invalid syntax error:
"networkAddress=\39\23\00\00\C0\A8\01\88",$nds_stu ff);

I found a website that used the following syntax and it doesn't return
an error, but it also does not return the user:

If someone could clue me in on how I need to format this, I would
greatly appreciate it.

One other question, I see that sometimes the IP address is prefixed
with "31 23" and other times it is "39 23 00 00". I'm not sure why I
see two different formats, but I need to account for both.

I just found one user that had two networkAddress entries:
31 23 C0 A8 02 82
39 23 00 00 C0 A8 02 82

The following line does return this user:

But so far further testing is not getting me the expected results.
Help please.