SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (i586)
dsRevision 2070600
eDirectory for Linux i586 v8.8 SP7 [DS]

I am trying to lock down iMonitor access to specific people, including a
way to 'elevate rights' if someone needs to have 'more' rights

Basically, I have set up a group called 'ServerAdmin' which has
supervisor [si] rights to the container where the serverobjects reside.

I configured the LockMask for iMonitor using ndsimon.conf to read '6',
which allows access to those having supervisor on the server or
'operator' role (btw: does anyone know if there is a trcik to allow a
group be 'operator'?)

here comes the issue now:
It seems to me that a assigning a user (or removing from) to the
'ServerAdmin' group is not reflected until i restarted iMonitor (next
question: how to restart iMonitor without restarting the whole ndsd?).

So when and how does iMonitor updates its list of 'operators'?